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Gevalia Cappuccino K-Cup Coffee Pods 6 Ct Box

Gevalia Cappuccino K-Cup Coffee Pods 6 Ct Box

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    Brand:  Gevalia
    Item Form:  Capsule
    Flavor:  Cappuccino (6ct Box)
    Caffeine Content Description:  Caffeinated
    Roast Level:  dark_roast
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 149 reviews
      Carol M.
      5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious

      What a great mix. Soooo delicious. I’m addicted to this cappuccino mix. Easy and affordable. Calories are not excessive either. I need to buy a case of these. Please try. The plain one is delicious but the flavored versions are overpowering and tooo sweet. Keep with the plain one

      Amazon Customer
      5.0 out of 5 stars Cappuccino pods

      This is the only coffee I like. The foam is amazing. You put the pod in the Keurig machine and pour the foam packet in your cup. Every one wants a cup when they visit. So yummy. Pricey yes but much less than the fancy pants coffee shops.

      5.0 out of 5 stars My special morning treat

      I have to limit my caffeine intake, so I always drink decaf hot tea and iced tea. I also stock up on decaf K-cup coffee pods. I drink all of those black, no sugar, but the cappuccino mixes are so dang good! These Gevalia Cappuccino K Cup Pods are my special morning treat. I even wrote to the company asking if they planned on coming out with a decaf version. Sadly, that is not happening any time soon. But that is probably a good thing, or I would be indulging more than once per day! I have been enjoying these for a couple years now. ☕👍

      5.0 out of 5 stars love this coffee

      I really enjoy this coffee. The froth is a bit hard to use. I have to stand by the brew and move the cup around so all parts of the froth get hit by coffee. Even then I get lumps in the coffee. Maybe I need to reread the directions. I also put hot water in the bottom of the cup as it is too strong for me. The flavor is just what I wanted. I would buy the coffee by itself too.

      Amazon Customer
      5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use and a good taste

      Very easy to use and consistently has the same great flavor. I wouldn’t have this for every cup of coffee a day, but at least once. Or at least I try to stick to one!