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Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Candy, 42 oz.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Candy, 42 oz.

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Made in USA
This generous bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Candy contains delicious milk chocolates in a crisp sugar shell. Perfectly designed for the Easter season, these are also great for snacking and sharing.

Product Features:

  • Solid milk chocolate with a crisp sugar shell
  • The perfect addition to any Easter basket
  • Great for candy bowls and filling plastic eggs for the hunt
  • Pastel colored candy, perfect for the Easter season
  • Includes 42-oz. mini eggs Easter candy

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:

  • Contains milk, soy and Yellow #5
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

These candies really do look like little eggs. The spots are a nice touch. The pastel colors are cute. The shell gives a nice crunch, and the chocolate inside is nice and creamy as you would expect from Cadbury. I have always been a fan of Cadbury milk chocolate, and I really like the addition of a thick candy shell on these. They are perfect for Easter, but I would happily eat them anytime.

Heather & James

These chocolate eggs are a classic Easter candy. Ours did not make it to see Easter because we couldn't stop eating them. They're so good. Creamy milk chocolate with a crunchy colorful shell on the outside. The only issue I see is the price. $29 for 3 small bags of these is insane. These are like $2 a bag at my local grocery store. So while they are good the price tag is not.


These little candies are delectable! We like to heat them in the microwave for a few seconds to make the chocolate soft and warm inside. I love Cadbury's milk chocolate. It's creamy and has a great balance of flavor. These are way over the typical selling price but delicious nonetheless.

P. Jones

At this price point, I thought I was ordering the larger sized bags. I was planning on using these to fill/refill candy bowls, but given the smaller size bags, I will place them in individual Easter baskets. I think they are a little large for that, but at least they will be really appreciated by the recipients (each bag measures about 8" x 4"). Setting that aside, these candies are a huge hit at my house at Easter. The pastel colors and smooth, cruchy shells are really attractive. The insides are solid chocolate and taste delicious (not the white cream filling of the larger Cadbury eggs). I do love these eggs, but I would probably not order them here again,

Emma Scott

I swear you can taste these things just by looking at the bag (but I still taste tested to make sure--someone had to!). They are just as I remember, sweet with a nice crunch. They also look super cute just sitting in a dish on the table. Such a throwback to childhood!